Thank you!
I got my ironing back last night and just wanted to say thank you. I am definitely liberated from my ironing board now, as the ironing is perfect.

The reasonable cost versus the liberation of my time is totally worth it!
The next time I have a big bundle, I will be calling!

Best wishes,


We mean business!

We’re delighted to say that as well as servicing our customers home ironing, dry cleaning and laundry, we are helping businesses to stay in shape too. Our customers who run a business may see us appear in Barking & Dagenham Chamber of Commerce Magazine (but remember, you knew us before the fame). If you run a business, a sports club, or team that has any pressing needs for laundry, dry cleaning and ironing services, why not give us a call?

For more information see our new Commercial section of this site or call Ann-Frances on 07733 114 559

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We clean up after hot & spicy Doritos Dodgeball action!

Image of a Dodgeball team at the Doritos website, we laundered their kits!

The Ironing Board is cleaning up after the action at Doritos latest promotion... Dodgeball!

It’s a sport of grit, determination, focus and, well, getting out of the way. Celebs including Jodie Marsh are appearing in front of the cannons and the web-public gets the opportunity to fire!

When the chips are down (or your shirt is smothered in spicy salsa) call The Ironing Board for emergency laundry and Ironing assistance.

See the live action at the Doritos Dodgeball website.

If you’ve had a traumatic dodgeball experience (or a stained shirt) contact a StopIroning Counsellor today

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The Reggae Boyz (vs Super Eagles)...

“Ann-Frances, Thank you and The Ironing Board for the support and wonderful service provided to the team. We look forward to working with you again."


When Jamaica The Reggae Boys played the Nigerian Super Eagles it fell to our team to clean the Jamaicans footballers kit. The team had two practice sessions before their big match against Nigeria on 11 Feb 2009. We picked up their used kits from their Hotel in London Docklands on the evenings of 9th and 10th February and had it delivered back to them by lunchtime next day. 

Thanks to KAM Sports international for giving us the opportunity!

The result? A 0-0 draw (Dare we say, a ‘clean sheet’ for both sides!)

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Behind the scenes with the StopIroning team...

An ordinary day at The ironing Board? No, believe it or not, it’s not how we do it.

“Where danger is king - and fear your best buddy” Yep, that’s us.

Most People Extreme Ironing Underwater - From

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Dry cleaning comes home

We listened to what our customers were telling us about Dry Cleaning and we’re delighted to announce that we have now taken control of our own dry cleaning!