Britain are world record holders, for Ironing underwater

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It has come to our attention that the Britain holds the world record for ironing underwater. “Visibility was poor down there” says one of the divers. We love to iron, but no volunteers here for the underwater variety. (When you think, they could have sent it out to The Ironing Board).

Some viewers may find scenes of men ironing to be distressing. For ironing therapy, don’t run up the RNLI “I am in need of assistance” flag… simply give us a call today.

Extreme Ironing Underwater from Gail Jenkinson on Vimeo.

Sing a Song of Six Pants...

Want to avoid being a Stooge? Send us your Ironing and Laundry!

The Three Stooges: Shemp VS an Ironing Board. IN COLOR -
If you need a little Mo’ help with your ironing and laundry, call us in Snaresbrook on T: 0208 530 1066 - Or at Upminster Bridge on T: 01708 448 444

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We clean up after hot & spicy Doritos Dodgeball action!

Image of a Dodgeball team at the Doritos website, we laundered their kits!

The Ironing Board is cleaning up after the action at Doritos latest promotion... Dodgeball!

It’s a sport of grit, determination, focus and, well, getting out of the way. Celebs including Jodie Marsh are appearing in front of the cannons and the web-public gets the opportunity to fire!

When the chips are down (or your shirt is smothered in spicy salsa) call The Ironing Board for emergency laundry and Ironing assistance.

See the live action at the Doritos Dodgeball website.

If you’ve had a traumatic dodgeball experience (or a stained shirt) contact a StopIroning Counsellor today

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Behind the scenes with the StopIroning team...

An ordinary day at The ironing Board? No, believe it or not, it’s not how we do it.

“Where danger is king - and fear your best buddy” Yep, that’s us.

Most People Extreme Ironing Underwater - From

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