Can I have a few tips for perfect ironing results?

Row of hirts on hangers (picture)

Unsurprisingly, this is one of the questions we're asked most often...

The finish we achieve is always dependent on the care taken with the laundering of the batch.

  • Avoid over-loading the washing machine, clothes need room to agitate.
  • Remove clothes from washing machine as soon as the cycle completes or put on ‘rinse hold’ until you return.
  • A more environmentally way to dry your shirts is to hang them on hangers directly from the washing machine. This also helps the finished product when ironed. We accept shirts on hangers at our shops or on our vans.
  • Avoid letting clothes over-dry. Clothes are more difficult to iron when they are over-dried. Try to remove from dryer as soon as they are just dry.
  • Avoid over-filling the dryer. The dryer should be half full to allow the air to circulate.
  • Use the high and low temperature control, high for heavy garments and low for shirts etc. If possible, fold the clothes as they are removed from the dryer.
  • I hope this helps – and remember – if you're too busy, we'll take care of the laundry for you!

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