On your Marks...

Keeping London 2012’s hospitality staff looking fit

We are going to be on a high level training regime for the Olympic and Paralympics, following the exciting news that we have landed the contract to keep the hospitality staff for London 2012 looking clean and sharp. We do love a uniform!

We are really excited, let the games begin…

And don’t forget, if you need high performance laundry, ironing or dry cleaning services - we’re your team!

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Óle, Bravo, three cheers...

Clean sports kits for Olympic competitors.

We’ve been feeling very international here in the run up to London 2012 with the colours of national team kits for Hockey and wheelchair Rugby brightening up our working environment. We’re delighted to be involved in our little way and wish every competitor every success in achieving their personal best. Whether you are competing or attending we want you to look good doing it!

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Seasonal Opening: Dates

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We aim to help keep you looking party-perfect for Christmas and the New Year, so make a note of our dates...

  • Closed on Christmas Eve, Saturday 24 December
  • Re-open on Thursday 29 December as normal
  • Closed on Monday 2 January
  • Back and Full Steam Ahead on Tuesday 3 January

Changing Season's

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For so many of us, it’s back to routine!

We hope you’ll let us lighten the load and take away some of your laundry and ironing drudgery - you’re worth it.

Call us today at Upminster Bridge T: 01708 448 444 or Snaresbrook Station T: 0208 530 1066.


Ask us about our Drop & Go service if you have a busy commute. And, don’t forget we can collect and deliver to your door.

Britain are world record holders, for Ironing underwater

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It has come to our attention that the Britain holds the world record for ironing underwater. “Visibility was poor down there” says one of the divers. We love to iron, but no volunteers here for the underwater variety. (When you think, they could have sent it out to The Ironing Board).

Some viewers may find scenes of men ironing to be distressing. For ironing therapy, don’t run up the RNLI “I am in need of assistance” flag… simply give us a call today.

Extreme Ironing Underwater from Gail Jenkinson on Vimeo.

We will pay the VAT difference

increased taxes need not mean increased creases

We promise: No increases in creases!

We're pleased to announce that we continue to hold our prices until at least this summer, in spite of the recent VAT increase.

We have three important things to say about this...

  • We will bring you the same great service, eye for detail and customer commitment.
  • This is in line with our ongoing commitment to reduce ironing and laundry misery.
  • We have held our prices since 2009.

This leaves you no excuses for looking shabby, stay smart!
Call us today and we’ll take away the pain of your Ironing and laundry.

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Sing a Song of Six Pants...

Want to avoid being a Stooge? Send us your Ironing and Laundry!

The Three Stooges: Shemp VS an Ironing Board. IN COLOR -
If you need a little Mo’ help with your ironing and laundry, call us in Snaresbrook on T: 0208 530 1066 - Or at Upminster Bridge on T: 01708 448 444

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We clean up after hot & spicy Doritos Dodgeball action!

Image of a Dodgeball team at the Doritos website, we laundered their kits!

The Ironing Board is cleaning up after the action at Doritos latest promotion... Dodgeball!

It’s a sport of grit, determination, focus and, well, getting out of the way. Celebs including Jodie Marsh are appearing in front of the cannons and the web-public gets the opportunity to fire!

When the chips are down (or your shirt is smothered in spicy salsa) call The Ironing Board for emergency laundry and Ironing assistance.

See the live action at the Doritos Dodgeball website.

If you’ve had a traumatic dodgeball experience (or a stained shirt) contact a StopIroning Counsellor today

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Behind the scenes with the StopIroning team...

An ordinary day at The ironing Board? No, believe it or not, it’s not how we do it.

“Where danger is king - and fear your best buddy” Yep, that’s us.

Most People Extreme Ironing Underwater - From metacafe.com

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We declare war on ironing misery!

The Ironing Board maintains a campaign against laundry and ironing…

We believe you should be free to enjoy life. No longer can we keep quiet about ironing and the pain it causes.
Logo for the Stop Ironing Campaign
As founder members of the NCAI, the National Campaign Against Ironing, we’re committed to taking away the pain.
Pull the plug, cut the cord, you’re worth it.

Call The Ironing Board today and speak to an Ironing Counsellor. We can help you stop the steam.

Can I have a few tips for perfect ironing results?

Row of hirts on hangers (picture)

Unsurprisingly, this is one of the questions we're asked most often...

The finish we achieve is always dependent on the care taken with the laundering of the batch.

  • Avoid over-loading the washing machine, clothes need room to agitate.
  • Remove clothes from washing machine as soon as the cycle completes or put on ‘rinse hold’ until you return.
  • A more environmentally way to dry your shirts is to hang them on hangers directly from the washing machine. This also helps the finished product when ironed. We accept shirts on hangers at our shops or on our vans.
  • Avoid letting clothes over-dry. Clothes are more difficult to iron when they are over-dried. Try to remove from dryer as soon as they are just dry.
  • Avoid over-filling the dryer. The dryer should be half full to allow the air to circulate.
  • Use the high and low temperature control, high for heavy garments and low for shirts etc. If possible, fold the clothes as they are removed from the dryer.
  • I hope this helps – and remember – if you're too busy, we'll take care of the laundry for you!

Love & creases
The Ironing Board

Ex-press service!

“It was 5.30pm, my business stay in the area was extended, I had no clean shirts,

I spotted the shop at Snaresbrook station and casually requested that my 4 shirts be washed and ironed for 9.30am the following morning. The request raised a laugh and I was asked if there was a ‘candid camera’.

But they came up ‘trumps’. I had a text at 8.00am to say my shirts were ready. I may never be in the area again, but if The Ironing Board can provide a once off customer with this level of service, their regular customers are so lucky!
Thank you”
Mark Edwards