Our customer commitment

We will take full responsibility for the treatment of your garments while in our care, as per our conditions of service.

We are constantly gaining information on new fabrics and finishes. We often know before you buy it how to iron or dry clean it! We keep in touch with current fabric trends; therefore we will have some idea on whether your trousers should have creases in to make you look ‘cool’.

Each batch is ironed intact on our premises. We will give each
article one hundred per cent attention and strive to achieve the best possible finish.

Each client is an individual, you tell us your needs and we will do our very best to satisfy your request.

We will weigh your bag of ironing/washing as accurately as possible and charge accordingly. We weigh in kilo’s, graduated in ten’s i.e. 2.6 kilo.
We will take into account the weight of the bag when applicable or the weight of the hangers, if you bring in your shirts already hung. (See our washing suggestions)

We only work with the best tailors, dry cleaners and cobbler.

We endeavour to make our operation as environmentally friendly as possible.

Note on transport:

If there is a problem with traffic, you will get a call to say if our driver will be late.